Radio Säteily has started and our program is full of interesting radio shows. Still we have plenty of free space or so called “Backround Säteily” on our schedule.

Didn’t you manage to apply a program? No worries! You can apply now for “Backround Säteily”. See the instructions below.


  • Find a free spot from the schedule
  • Send an email to radiosateily@ulapland.fi with the information: name, contact info, when you are planning to do your show, what type of show you are doing
  • Wait a confirmation email from Säteily
  • When you get the confirmation, welcome to Backround Säteily!

When you arrive to studio:

  • Call the studio number: 044 910 2547
  • Remember to read the studio rules.

Radio Säteily – A free student radio of our own!

Playing once a year for three weeks, Radio Säteily is a student radio of University of Lapland. This year Säteily begins at the 1st of November 2019!

Students of University of Lapland, in addition to other citizens of Rovaniemi, are responsible of producing programmes for Radio Säteily. We are a non-profit and amateur run local radio, which has through the years melted it’s way into the locals hearts in our own way of doing original and interesting programmes with great quality. Radio Säteily was founded in 2001.

Radio Säteily 2019

This year our theme is Dystopia! You can listen to Radio Säteily 1/11/2019 – 22/11/2019.

Our frequency is 89.00Mhz. Radio Säteily can be reached within 20 kilometer radius of the University of Lapland where our studio is located. You can also listen and watch a live video stream directly from our studio at www.radiosateily.fi/kuuntele.

You want to join us? Great! Anyone can apply for background shows outside of the main programmes. More information will be published at 28/10/2019.

You want to listen to Radio Säteily? The English programmes will be published here at 31/10/2019 so you can find out what to listen!

Any questions? Contact us:

Email: radiosateily@ulapland.fi

Excecutive Producer: Samuli Valkama 044 9755032

Head of the Studio: Loru Reinikka 040 7473123

The number of the studio will be published at 31/10/2019.